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Wastewater Treatment

6 Water Treatment Works Upgrade
Completion date:
Contract Value:
NI Water (Quinn Automatic Ltd)
June 2015
Project Overview:

Sites: Derg WTW, Lough Bradan WTW, Lough Fea WTW, Glenhordial WTW, Caugh Hill WTW, Carmoney WTW

The old turbidity monitors at the six Water Treatment Works (WTWs) were becoming obsolete. Spare Parts could not be obtained and calibration of the instruments was becoming more and more difficult. The accuracy of the older instruments were also not to the standard required.

Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) therefore approved a Contract to replace 82 instruments across the 6 sites, as well as install 4 new instruments.

The 86 new instruments were a mixture of contact type (flow through) instruments and falling stream or overflow (non contact) type instruments.

The purpose of the Contract was therefore to replace existing unsupported equipment with new equipment. Ancillary equipment also had to be refurbished and/or replaced.

A major aspect of the Contract was the Methodology between FM and the plant operators to ensure that the Water Treatment Works remained fully operational, while old instruments were being replaced and new instruments installed.

The other major aspect of the Contract was to interrogate the old instruments before they were removed to determine the ranges of the 4-20ma analogue signals being sent to the WTW SCADA system. It was critical that theses ranges were determined and inserted into the new instruments, to maintain WTW plant operation.

All works were carried out on fully operational Water Treatment Works so following Water Hygiene guidelines and legislation to prevent cross contamination was of upmost importantance.

FM Environmental Ltd were fully responsible for all the M&E works, Consultant/Client liason and H&S Management  involved in the project.

Scope Of Work:

 Key M&E Equipment Supplied, Installed & Commissioned:

  • 26 No. Sigrist Aquascat Non-Contact Turbidity Monitors
  • 55 No. Hach Lange 1720E Contact Turbidity Monitors
  • 2 No. Hach Lange Surface Scatter 7 Non-Contact Turbidity Monitors
  • 3 No. Hach Lange Solitax SC Contact Turbidity Monitors
  • PVC Pipework, Valves and VA Flowmeters
  • De-Bubbblers
  • Flow Throttling Flowmeters
  • PSU’s (Power Supply Units)
  • Cabling and Cable Containment
  • Local Isolation
  • Analogue Signal Cabling 


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