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Wastewater Treatment

Libyan Oil Fields - temporary wwtp
Completion date:
Contract Value:
Libyan-based Oil companies
Project Overview:

Through its Malta office FM Environmental has supplied numerous temporary and mobile package sewage treatment systems to oil exploration companies in Libya including Shell and BP. Designed to handle the wastewater from work camps the treatment systems had to be robust, mobile and easily maintained. The Biosam modular and mobile units were supplied and shipped directly from the Company’s Malta factory. The mobile range of systems incorprate submerged aerated filter technology and tertiary sand filtration systems. The plug-n-play nature of the mobile design allowed oil companies to break camp and relocate to new sites while utilising the same wastewater treatment system.

Scope Of Work:

Package wastewater treatment systems including duty/standby blowers, package forward feed pump stations, flow measurement and dissolved oxygen control, air-conditioned control rooms and control panels, sludge holding tanks, and tertiary filtration systems. Commissioning and training is also carried out on site at handover stage.


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