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NI Water takes delivery of OXY-FLO at Ballygalley

FM Environmental Ltd. just recently delivered, installed and commissioned a packaged OXY-FLO septicity dosing system in Ballygalley, Co. Antrim for one of their clients Northern Ireland Water (NIW).
The system will be used to control septicity in a 25 l/s sewage pump station that feeds into a 4.5 km pumping main.

Designed to be fully automated, the OXY-FLO is a self contained smart-control dosing system that anticipates septic conditions thereby preventing noxious odours and material corrosion.

Why dose? Septicity occurs when dissolved oxygen is consumed thereby creating anaerobic conditions resulting in the bacteria forming hydrogen sulphide. Hydrogen sulphide not only contributes to noxious odours at manholes and chambers but also contributes to corrosion in concrete and metal sewer pipes and pumping stations through the formation of sulphuric acid, leading to costly repairs and even emergency reconstruction as a result of collapsing mains.

Hot weather conditions, further contributes to the septicity problem with noxious odours at sewage works and pumping stations causing a public nuisance to holiday-makers and seaside day-trippers across the country.

The OXY-FLO system has been designed as a one-stop solution for solving septicity problems either on new or existing installations. The OXY-FLO system is set up at the factory providing a plug-and-play solution when it arrives on site. The intuitive touch-screen interface allows fine-tuning once installed on site with historical data logging of events and alarm notifications contributing to the refinement process.

The OXY-FLO system uses triple compensation to ensure dosing is carried out effectively and efficiently. By measuring temperature, H2S levels and pumped flow, OXY-FLO adapts its output to dose the perfect amount of chemical required for the specific and changing site conditions.

The OXY-FLO system comes as a compact package including intelligent duty-standby dosing pumps, a powerful PLC controller, Hi-Resolution HMI touch screen interface, external alarm indication, safety shower/eye-wash facility and temperature and H2S sensing probes. The entire system is neatly packaged in an innovative GRP kiosk with its own retractable weather-resistant roof and doors, making the OXY-FLO an indispensable piece of innovation for Water Utilities

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